Sure Shim


Be Smart… Be Safe… Be Seen

A simple, patented device that secures pig-tails making sure your trailer does not go dark.


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High-Quality Truck Parts is pleased to introduce Sure Shim. A simple, patented device that secures pig-tails making sure your trailer does not go dark.

The Sure Shim is patented and serves a broad series of vehicles that rely on Pig Tails, Commercial Trucks, ATV Trailers, Horse Trailers, Hot Shots, Military, Custom Trailers, and other trailers.

The Sure Shim SS1000, “PigTail Plug Safety Shims” has these characteristics:

Sure Shim Product’s pigtail plug/receptacle safety shims are made of a proprietary blend of polypropylene with additives that protect from UV rays, corrosives, and extreme cold, -25 degrees below zero.

  • SAFETY and VISIBILITY is every driver’s concern.
  • Reduces movement from vibrations reducing the likelihood the pig-tail disconnects.
  • Reduced wear to electrical prongs and improved connection.
  • No flicker lights during travel.
  • US PATENT 9065203
  • Made in the USA

The benefits of using our pigtail plug/receptacle safety shims are:

  • Savings – plugs and receptacles last longer
  • Better Safety Rating – fewer tickets and incidents
  • Protects – makes visible drivers, equipment and freight in tow.
  • Improves ABS response – ABS lights often come on with a poor plug connection.






On-The-Road Tested

Tested over 2 years on Box, Tanker, Double and Triple Pups, Transfers, Flatbed, Belly and Double Belly, End Dump and Pup, and Car Haulers. Determined Shim is both corrective and preventive.

Table with Savings

Sure Shim Road tested results

Easy To Install:

Our shims are a sleeve shim. It slides over the plug. Return the plug to the receptacle so it can seat firmly into the shim.  Lights stay on, and abs lights indicate properly (abs lights often come on with a poor plug connection). Drivers will be seen and protected.

HQ How To Install

HQ How To Instructions for installing the Sure Shim. Click here.

Link: sure-shim-powerpoint-with-install-instructions

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 6 × 4.5 in