Time needed: 5 minutes

Do you want to learn how to install the pigtail plug/receptacle safety shims – “Sure Shim?” Then you’ve landed on the right page. You will find both step-by-step how to and a short video of the same.

These 5 steps are easy and fast to install a Sure Shim. If you are installing your Sure Shim these few steps make sure you secure the pig tail safety shim correctly.

If you’ve heard about the shim, this is a simple tutorial to understand how to attach the shim between the connector and receptacle. Need to buy a set? Order them now on our site, here.

The Sure Shim improves the operation of the electric connection between trailer and cab. It does this by simply reducing the vibrations that shake loose the connector from the receptacle. This is a very easy solution for a dangerous situation.

  1. Remove the connector from the receptacle

    Disconnect the connector by first lifting the lid on the receptacle. Then, pull and wiggle the connector to disconnect it from the receptacle.How to video image step 1

  2. Orient the Sure Shim in the Right Direction

    The Sure Shim goes on with the collar over and away from the receptacle. This leaves the narrow end facing toward the receptacle.

  3. Orient the Key

    Sure Shim has a matching slot that matches the key slot in the connector. Put the Sure Shim on making sure the key slot on the connector is exposed.Sure Shim install sequence number 3.

  4. Slide the Sure Shim On

    The Sure Shim goes over the connector about halfway up the connector. This is about a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch from the end of the connector. Note, it does not get pushed into the receptacle first.

  5. Insert into Receptacle

    Using your normal installation method, insert the connector into the receptacle with the Sure Shim installed. Make sure the lid is engaged to lock the connector into place.

Purchase Sure Shim

Visit our HQ page to purchase Sure Shim, right here.

1 Minute Install Video

This short video is taken from the Sure Shim website and shortened to be 1 minute long and only what’s needed to understand how to install the Sure Shim.

Visit Sure Shim

Or, you can visit the SureShim site here to learn more.