Zafety Lug Lock


Award winning wheel nut safety system – for all commercial trucks, trailers, buses & coaches.

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The easiest and most popular method of securing wheels. Use Zafety lug lock because it protects from wheel-off accidents.


Wheel Lug Nut Security Means Positive Fleet Impact!

Zafety Lug Locks are a fast, efficient, and powerful way to improve the safety of your vehicle. No other solution offers the ease of installation, and effectiveness that comes with Zafety Lug Locks.

  • Reduced liability from risk of potential wheel loss
  • Lower maintenance costs from possible wheel damage and lug nut replacement
  • Simple visual check on wheel nut position
  • Demonstrates proactive safety
  • Provides a clear visual check of lug nut security
  • Reduces risk of wheel loss and potential liability for personal injury, loss of life or property damage
  • Reduces need for replacement nuts and reduces costly wheel damage
  • Economical for all commercial units
  • Reusable on replacement wheels


  • Standard formulation for wheel end temperatures up to 300⁰F (149⁰C)
  • High temperature formulation for severe braking with wheel end temperatures up to 450⁰F (232⁰C)
  • Field tested at high and low rotation levels
  • Lab Tested in sever vibration conditions from -40⁰C to 50⁰C (-40⁰F to 122⁰F)
  • Flexible and easy to install or remove for wheel end service – fits over two adjacent nuts
  • Designed to be used on standard and hub piloted 10 stud wheels including Heavy Duty applications for both trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Applications include Motor-coaches, Transit Vehicles and full size School Buses (Type C and Type D)

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