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Featured on Heavy-Duty Parts Report with host Jamie Irvine.

Jamie sets the standard for news, his interview with Jack Phelps and Jim Keegan of HQ Truck Parts can be watched on YouTube if you click the image link.

They discuss road safety and the contribution Zafety Lug Lock has made in eliminating “wheel-off” incidents and how many years of testing and how many fleets use this product.

They also discuss the value of having Lift Axle Control Modules offered by HQ Truck Parts available from our dealers and distributors.


Tire Mask and Tuff Deck also featured on Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

TuffDeck is an exclusive offering from HQ TruckParts. Aaron, the inventor, and our partner discusses TuffDeck and Tire Mask in this video chat with Jamie Irvine, host of Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

Tire Mask was invented by Aaron in response to his Father’s request to paint a shop full of trucks. He tried to find a masking tool but one did not exist; so Aaron solved it after much trial and error.

TuffDeck was invented to replace the dented aluminum decks that are a trip hazard and cost a lot in labor to replace. This new TuffDeck lasts longer and is stronger than aluminum.