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by HQ Truck Parts, Versatube, and Flexatube

We have been manufacturing high-quality exhaust flex pipe since 1956, in fact, we patented our unique tooling that ensures the tightness of the wrap, we guarantee our pipe will not unravel when cutting (handling instruction link). It’s the comment we hear most often,

“your exhaust flex pipe does not unravel!”

Order What You Need and No More

Let us manufacture and deliver your custom exhaust flex pipe. Select your steel, weight & gauge, diameter and length. Balance your budget and needs by using our exhaust flex pipe order selector right here. Remember, our patented “wire-packed” flex does not unravel like many flex pipe options.

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Used in a Variety of Applications

You’d expect our our Exhaust Flex pipe to be used in exhaust for heavy duty trucks, and you know, you’d be right. But, did you know it is used in a variety of applications from heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles to industrial & mining ventilation to agricultural applications. The leak-resistant and tough nature of the pipe make it appropriate for the toughest environments.

Variety of Steel Options all from the USA.

Our flex pipe is available in galvanized, stainless steel 409, and stainless steel 304. The premium no rust option is stainless steel 304. We manufacture at our plant in Troy Michigan and use the highest grade steel available from our USA and Canadian providers.

More to complete the job; Clamps, Elbows, Straight Pipe, Mufflers and More All Related to Exhaust

We provide all the related clamps, straight pipe, and other accessories to get the job done.

Special orders?

We love those. No problem, contact Mike at the office or email him. Office 248-689-7373, [email protected]

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