Tire Mask Component Bundle

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Build your own bundle for a discount off the price. Click the product selector below to build your bundle with the number of Tire Mask or Rim Shields you want, remember to tell us your wheel size too.

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Product Quantity

Rim Shield

This is the Rim Shield piece from the Tire Mask kit, it will protect the Wheel Rim from overspray.

Save by building your own bundle. Click here to go to the Tire Mask Component bundle.

Tire Mask

This is the Tire Mask piece from the Tire Mask kit, it will protect the Rubber Tire from overspray.

Save by building your own bundle. Click here to go to the Tire Mask Component bundle.


Watch this Tire Mask video to see how quickly you can beautify your wheels.

The video highlights the cost savings, instead of buying a new wheel for $200 you can use the Tire Mask Pieces to paint your wheels quickly, you’ll see in the video how nicely this works.

Tire Mask Video

Spray Paint Rims With Tire Mask

Using all three Tire Mask components makes it possible to repaint your semi-truck wheels while they are still on the truck or trailer. It’s quicker, easier, cleaner than removing tires and painting them like the old days. In other words, there’s no need to waste your time dismounting your semi-truck wheels in order to paint them. This product is popular with other drivers, mechanics, and techs because it allows you to paint your wheels while they are still mounted. All this means, by using the Tire Mask components you can cut paint, and clean-up time by up to 90%!

Repainting with Tire Mask improves the appearance of your wheels which increases their resale value. Freshly repainted wheels are also less likely to attract D.O.T. fines.

Avoid Overspray Getting on Your Tire

Each component; Tire Mask, Rim Shield, and HubCab Cover are easy to mount on your tires and take down when you’re finished spray painting your rims. Simply mount each mask component over your tire and spray paint your wheels with your desired color. Remove the Mask components when the paint is dry. It is that simple. Each Tire Mask is reusable up to twenty times.

Tire Mask allows for easy clean up after painting the wheels of your semi-truck.

Who Can Use It?

Tire Mask is a versatile kit for use with truck, trailer, and bus wheels.

Purchase Options

Most importantly, you can purchase each component individually, or use our Tire Mask Component Bundle to save big on the price of each component. You decide how to choose and what fits your budget. You can get to the individual products by clicking on each name below.

Rim Shield

The Rim Shield allows you to paint your wheels’ lug nuts around the rim. Give your semi’s wheels a two-toned appearance without taking them off your rig. Mount the Rim Shield along with the Tire Mask, spray with the paint of your choice, and remove when dry.

Tire Mask

The Tire Mask allows you to paint your rim while keeping paint off your tire. It’s one component in the set of three.

Invented and Manufactured here, in the USA.

Made from recycled polyethylene terephthalateire (RPET), each Tire Mask is also eco-friendly and recyclable and made in the USA.

Tire Mask is available in all fleet vehicle sizes:  22.5″, and 24.5″. Specify the size you want with your order. Want a different size? We can do that but requires a longer lead time. Contact Michael Bouska by phone or email to ask him how we can meet your needs.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 5 in
Wheel Diameter

19.5" Diameter, 22.5" Diameter, 24.5" Diameter

Rim Shield

Wheel Diameter

22.5, 24.5

Tire Mask

Wheel Diameter

22.5, 24.5