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TuffDeck is a semi-truck deck made of a patented polymer. TuffDeck is the first of its kind, making it a safer, more efficient, and longer-lasting than a regular aluminum deck. It brings to your rig the ultimate combination of safety and customization.

TuffDeck is made in the USA. Each deck has a limited lifetime warranty.

The TuffDeck semi-truck deck system lasts three times longer than an aluminum deck, so it lasts the average life of a truck. Our patented system gives you strong, safe, and secure access to your vehicle even in slippery conditions.

TuffDeck’s capacity weight exceeds D.O.T. standards and engineered for maximum grip. Our innovative materials resist wear and corrosion better than traditional aluminum deck plates. With our patented polymer, our decks are not susceptible to static electricity like aluminum decks are.

TuffDeck is a lighter option than steel decks. Weighing just 14 lbs. (Standard size) to 18.5 pounds (Jumbo size) – TuffDeck is 1/2 the weight of steel decks. It’s also injection molded in a sinlge shot so it won’t bend, dent or separate like aluminum decks. TuffDeck reduces overall weight on your truck by using our patented, recycleable polymer instead of aluminum.This lighter deck reduces fuel use & increases payload volume for added profit with every load!

Combine multiple TuffDecks to get the exact configuration for your truck to create a setup meeting your specific needs. Multiple sizes of TuffDecks are available to fit your specific deck needs from our regular-sized decks all the way to our jumbo-sized decks.

TuffDecks are easy to install or dismount. Each purchase includes hardware to install TuffDeck.

There are four different TuffDecks to choose from: 22″ x 32″ Standard Black, 32″ x 32″ Jumbo Black, 32″ x 32″ Jumbo Big Orange and 32″ x 32″ Jumbo Military Sand.

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Additional information

Weight 18.5 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 5 in
Click on Image to Select Size and Color

22" x 32" Standard Black includes mounting hardware, 32" x 32" Jumbo Black includes mounting hardware, 32" x 32" Big Orange includes mounting hardware, 32" X 32" Jumbo Military Sand includes mounting hardware

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