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Use the hub cap to cover the wheel hub to avoid paint getting on it.

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Tire Mask makes repainting mounted semi-truck wheels quick, easy, clean, and customizable. No need to waste your time dismounting the tires of your semi-truck in order to paint them any longer. Tire Mask allows you to paint your wheels while they are still mounted to your rig. Made in the USA, the Tire Mask system is so efficient it cuts masking and cleanup time by up to 90%! Tire Mask allows for easy clean up after painting the wheels of your semi-truck.

Tire Masks and Rim Shields are easy to mount on your tires and take down when finished. Simply mount Tire Mask over your tire and spray paint your wheels with your desired color. Remove Tire Mask when the paint is dry. It is that simple.

Tire Mask is a versatile kit for use with truck, trailer, and bus wheels. Each Tire Mask is reusable up to twenty times. That is up to 160 repaintings with each box!

The included Rim Shields also allow you to paint your wheels’ lug nuts around the rims. Give your semi’s wheels a two-toned appearance without taking them off your rig. Mount the Rim Shield along with the Tire Mask, spray with the paint of your choice, and remove when dry.

Repainting with Tire Mask improves the appearance of your wheels which increases their resale value. Freshly repainted wheels are also less likely to attract D.O.T. fines.

Make from recycled polyethylene terephthalateire (RPET), each Tire Mask is also eco-friendly and recyclable.

Tire Mask is available in all fleet vehicle sizes:  19.5″, 22.5″, and 24.5″. Specify the size you want with your order.

Each box includes 8 Tire Masks and 8 Rim Shields for all your wheel painting and customization needs. Sold separately from the Tire Mask kit is the Hubb Capp.

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Wheel Masking Kits

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