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HQ Truck Parts is rapidly growing to become the preeminent supplier of exclusive parts and accessories for semi trucks. Our distribution network is growing across North America. Contact us to learn more about becoming a distributor and how HQ Truck parts can partner with your business.

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Who are all the entities involved in the TuffDeck product?

  • TuffDeck is exclusively manufactured for HQ/KSI.
  • HQ has more than 50 years manufacturing commercial and industrial Trucks and Transportation equipment.
  • KSI has more than 60 years serving the commercial vehicle market. KSI owns the license on TuffDeck.
  • After Market Representatives will be distributing TuffDeck exclusively.

Do you have supporting material?

  • Every rep will have a sales training meeting with Jack, Jim and team.
  • Reps will learn from our lessons learned with this great new product and be prepared to be successful.
  • We will provide all tools typical in a sales program.

What do I need to provide to dealers?

  • There will be bullet points and information to be provided.
  • You will be carrying a physical sample of the TuffDeck.