Tire Mask Individual Parts

Tire Mask, Rim Shield, and Hubcap Tired of your old, dirty or rusty rims? Want to give your truck or trailer a new look? With Tire Mask, you can easily paint your rims without having to worry about getting paint on your tires and you can paint while the rim and tire...

Tire Mask Video

Watch the video to understand why the Tire Mask Kit provides the easiest solution to improve the look of your wheels without the hassle of removing the tires or replacing them with new wheels. It’s a super easy tool to use. Visit our Tire Mask Bundle featuring a...
Tire Mask System Bundle

Tire Mask System Bundle

Save 40%, $99.40 when you buy the minimum of 6 pieces for the volume discount. You have to choose your tire size and piece count. You can make changes right in the cart.

Rim Shield individual price $41, volume bundle price $24.60.
Tire Mask individual price $41, Volume bundle price $24.60
Hub Cap individual price $41, Volume bundle price $24.60


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HQ Truck Parts store offers a wide variety of new and unique truck parts, including exhaust parts, lug locks, tire masks, and tool boxes. We also offer underbody tool boxes in a variety of sizes. You can find our contact information on our website, including our address, phone number, and email.